Call For Participation in Native language Essay Writing Event

Are you learning your native language? Would you like to write about your feelings, your family and country and your life in Japan in your native language? We welcome migrant children attending Japanese public schools and striving to learn their native language to join this essay event. This event is organized by MICLE Project and supported by the Toyota Foundation. The event is expected to reflect migrant children’s connection to their homeland or their current situation in Japan. The work of the children will also be useful to highlight the need and significance of better native learning opportunities for migrant children. We request interested children, families and language classes to check the information below to know details about the event.
Essay topics
Children may write essay in any one of the following topics.
(1) My pride
(2) My visit to my homeland
(3) My future in Japan
Length of essay: 300 words to 500 words
– Elementary school age children (6 years to 12 years) attending Japanese public schools
– Children who migrated to Japan together with their parents more than two years ago or born in Japan from the parents who migrated to Japan from foreign countries. Children who were born to parents of different nationalities can join too.
– Children who are striving to learn their native language by joining substitute native language class in-person or online.
– Children who are learning native language with the help of parents and/or other family members.
Evaluation and Recognition
Selected essays from each language communities will be published on MICLE Project website and awarded with cash reward of 5000 yen and a certificate.
Roles of native language Schools
As a main driver of effort to provide native language education to the migrant children, the role of native class organizers is very significant.
We envision the collaboration with language school to provide children the opportunity to participate in this event. Native language classes will play following roles.
– Provide information about essay and have qualified children write the essays.
– Select a best essay from the minimum of five essays submitted by the participants.
– Provide information about the participants using a designated form.
– Submit the scanned copy of the selected essay/s to the project email.
– Translate the selected essay into Japanese language for publication.
– Coordinate with the project coordinator
Support for language classes
– Native language classes will be provided with 10000 yen as a donation.
– Additional 4000 yen will be provided for translation work.
March 1- March 30
Collection of essays
April 15
Submission of selected essays to project email
May 11
Presentation and felicitation
Pradip Thapa


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